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Welcome To Yashodip Garden - Wedding Hall

    Group Marriage Ceremony: Yashodip Garden management and owner commitee organised group wedding ceremony for poor and ecomonicaly backword people. Resional participents can join to group wedding ceremony with pay of only 21000/- ruppes. there is completed all facilities and every need of participents by the organiser commitee and management commitee. More than 70 candidates or bride and groom join the group wedding. Many of gifts and services provides free of cost from the Yashodip Wedding Hall.

     Yashodip Halls was established in 2004 to provide Pune District increasingly discerning population with a quality venue for weddings, receptions and other special occasions. The Halls has capacity for 5000 people, making yashodip an ideal choice for any sized function. Yashodip's popularity has steadily grown and today we host around 100 functions every year. We are proud to be considered as one of the premiere wedding and reception halls in Manchar and around area.

    Prime Location: Located on Awasari (BK.) Manchar-Shirur Road, 7 km. from Manchar City Yashodip Halls enjoys a prime location in Manchar. Easy access and plenty of parking makes Yashodip a convenient venue for people coming from all parts of Ambegaon Taluka and beyond.
    The Yashodip has a capacity for up to 1500 people and is ideally suited for those planning a wedding, reception or other function on a careful budget.

Turnkey management: We provide full turnkey management services, from catering and decorations to video and still photography. Just bring the bride and groom and let us manage the entire event on your behalf, while you enjoy that very special moment in your life.
Catering: We provide full multi-cuisine catering whether your taste is for Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Bengali, North Indian or South Indian food. We also provide all dishes and utensils and have catering capacity for up to 2,000 people.

Facilities and Services:-
Separate Halls: The Yashodip is divided into a separate wedding hall and dining hall. Preparations for serving meals can begin while the wedding and/or reception ceremony is still in progress, ensuring that the function proceeds smoothly and in a timely manner. Elderly guests and others who wish to eat early may do so without spoiling the enjoyment of those who wish to celebrate for a while longer.
Private Rooms: The Yashodip Wedding hall comes with 4 private rooms, each with bathroom attached for use by the bride and bridegroom and their families. This gives the wedding party a quiet and private sanctuary where they can rest and change outfits while preparing for the next ceremony.
Lavish Decorations: The lavishly decorated Hall looks breathtakingly beautiful when done up with wedding decorations, ensuring that your guests will truly have an occasion to remember.
Generator Backup: The Yashodip Hall has full generator back up so in the event main power supply fails, the function is not disrupted.
Parking: With plenty of parking just outside the hall, guests get easy access and comfort in the knowledge that their vehicles are well protected by the Yashodip's security staff.
Dining Hall: Yashodip Garden provided AC dining Hall facility to VIP persons.
Rates: The booking charges for the Yashodip Garden are as follows:
Reception:- Rates are depends on parties requirement and function scope with taxes are applicable
Wedding:- Rates are depends on parties requirement and function scope with taxes are applicable Charges for catering, decorations and any additional services are in addition to Hall Booking Charges.

Managing Staff:

Mr. Sanjaysheth Chavhan

Director Yashodip Garden.

Mrs. Aashatai Chavhan

Director Yashodip Garden.

Mr. Dinesh Chavhan

Director Dinesh Group.

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